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Culligan Medallist Series Water Softener

The Culligan Medallist Series Water Softeners are built with state-of-the-art features to deliver the finest conditioned water to your entire family. For small to mid-size homes the optional 1" valve provides customers with increased flow rate and minimized pressure loss. The Culligan Medallist Series Water Softener is professionally installed and is available exclusively through your Culligan dealer.

Service-Free Operation

Exclusive, non-corrosive 5-cycle motorized control valve directs water flow during service and regeneration cycles.

Maximum Efficiency

Cullex resin provides maximum water softening capacity, stability and long life.

Efficient Operation

High grade quartz underbedding evenly distributes water to maximize flow rates.

Bypass the system

The Cul-Flo-Valve lets you bypass the system for uses not requiring softened water - such as watering the lawn.

One Inch Valve

The control valve is available in 3/4" with the Culligan Medallist Series and 1" with the Culligan Medallist Plus Series.

Fingertip Programming

The low voltage, fully programmable Accusoft Microprocessor offers easy data entry performance options that can be set at the touch of a button to meet individual needs. All programming is safe from most power interruptions and surges.

Save Salt and Water

The Culligan meter option monitors daily water use and activates regeneration only when needed, saving you salt and water.

Soft Water For Everyone

The Guest-Cycle recharge feature provides an extra supply of conditioned water when there are more people than normal in the home.

Designed for Durable Service

The sturdy, filament-wound exterior, and smooth, non-permeable inner tank and shell is listed with National Sanitation Foundation.

Outdoor Enclosure

The optional outdoor enclosure is certified for outdoor installations. Wind, rain, even annoying garden-variety "wildlife" won't stop you from all the benefits of soft water.

System Protection

A non-corrosive brine plate assists in dissolving salt and protects the system from salt impurities.

Longer Life

A Dubl-Safe brine refill control provides assured shut-off and corrosion-proof components for longer life.

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