Bottled Water Service

Culligan Bottled Water Service

You know your family should drink more water and you should avoid other beverages that can actually dehydrate the body. Research has shown that even eight glasses a day may not be enough. It’s a lot easier to stay hydrated when you have crystal-clear, great tasting water on hand. Culligan makes it easy!

  • A Healthy Choice
    Clean, refreshing Culligan bottled water is free of impurities, like sodium, lead and chlorine, so it's a healthy choice for the entire family - kids tend to drink less soda and sugary drinks, and the whole family will drink more water. Plus, doctors recommend eight glasses a day for dieting, exercising and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Bottles That Defy The Laws Of Gravity.
    Even our bottles have something innovative about them - the Culligan Care Cap. With the Culligan Care Cap, our bottles are spill proof. How? Inside the cooler is a special valve that "pops" the cap open, releasing water only when the bottle's in place. And because this design allows for a steady stream of filtered air and water you don't get "glugging."
  • Culligan Water At Work
    If your co-workers depend on you to keep the water flowing, depend on Culligan. Whether it’s one cooler or twenty, your Culligan Man can handle it.
  • Great Tasting Water, Great Looking Coolers.
    Culligan now has a variety of contemporary, stylish cooler designs, which offer a variety of temperature settings.
  • Just Pennies A Glass
    Store-bought bottled water can get expensive, and hauling all that water home is no fun. Wouldn’t it be nice to have great tasting water, as much as you need, delivered right to your home or office? Who can you trust to provide top-quality water with friendly, dependable service? Your Culligan Man, of course!
  • Unwavering Quality
    Count on Culligan water to taste great every time. Our water is produced under strictly monitored processing and bottling standards set by both the International Bottled Water Association and Culligan. Our reverse osmosis purification process is the leading edge in contaminant removal, able to reduce microscopic impurities and chemical elements far more effectively than the carbon filters in pitchers and faucet attachments.