HE Series

Culligan HE Softener-Cleer Water Conditioner

Advanced technology for worry-free water.

Clear up problem water with patented Smart Technology in teh Culligan HE Softener-Cleer Water Conditioner. Designed to reduce hardness, unpleasant taste, and odor, as well as dissolved solids and bacteria, the HE Softener-Cleer solves water problems at the source.

  • Safer Results
    Smat technology responds to water quality, adjusting automatically to changes in particulates and bacteria.
  • Advanced Efficiency
    Soft-Minder meter monitors water levels and provides diagnostics to your Culligan Main for you.
  • Custom Softening
    Control and monitor softening from anywhere in the house with remote display.
    Whatever kind of water problem you have, the Culligan HE Softener-Cleer is one step ahead to ensure you get cleaner, softer water throughout your home.